Science tells us that you have less than 6 seconds to make a first impression on someone. When you are scheduled for your next job interview, this means you need to think of a way to introduce yourself that will put you in the recruiter’s good favor.

One of the best ways to ensure that you’ll make a good first impression is by understanding your body language and visual cues. Follow the below tips while introducing yourself to your interviewer to make sure you ace the screening and land yourself in that position.

1. Greet everyone

Kindness can go a very long way. Make sure you say hello to everyone you meet on the day of your interview. This includes the receptionist, doorman, and any other staff members you encounter. Of course, you want to be on your best behavior with the person interviewing you; that’s who matters most!

2. Stay positive

Stress affects us all in different ways. Sometimes it can make us grumpy or short with people without even realizing it. One thing that you can do to make sure you don’t show any signs of stress is to enter the room with a positive attitude. Plus, positivity shows that you are grateful for the interview opportunity, excited to share your qualifications, and enthusiastic about pursuing your role with this company.

3. Practice your handshake

There is such a thing as a “good” handshake and a “bad” handshake. Practice a good handshake with confidence and strength in mind. A weak grip is reflective of self-esteem. However, you also don’t want to grip too hard. Injuring your interviewer may not start you off on the right foot.

4. Stay organized

Make yourself look prepared, organized, and well put-together. This will make a great impression upon those who are interviewing you. A good way to show off your organization skills is to bring a few hard copies of your resume with you, as well as a list of references. That way you have something you can show your recruiter in the event that they don’t have your resume on hand.

5. Study the company and the job before going in for your interview

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare for your interview. Do as much research as you can on the company beforehand, so you can understand the company culture. Get to know what the website looks like. Watch how they interact with customers on social media. See if you know anybody’s name on the executives list. Apply this same mentality to the job description itself. Know the position in and out so you aren’t blindsided by unexpected questions.

6. Remain friendly!

Remember, everybody that you see when you come in for your interview might someday be your coworker. It’s best to treat them with lots of smiles and respectful greetings. Be sure to let your interviewer know how grateful you are for the opportunity to interview. Tell them that you can’t wait to hear from them again soon!


The Best Ways to Introduce Yourself During A Job Interview